You’ve Got A Friend In Me

7 05 2012

Jonathan is shy and has low confidence, but he has something that so many great people have on their way to success; a loyal, supportive, trusting friend. This example of character and class brought a tear to my eye as I watched a young man and woman display courage in so many ways that it’s a blueprint for what it truly means to be a friend.

In Orrin Woodward’s book Resolved he has a chapter that lays out 8 principles of true friendship. All 8 principles are shown by both Jonathan and Charlotte. I was Choked up as Charlotte showed unwavering loyalty to Jonathan throughout their lives with encouragement and protection from verbal abuse. Then, when at a time he could have abandoned his friend for a better chance at money and fame, Jonathan showed the same loyalty.

Thank you both for the inspiration of being the refreshing change that is so needed in this world. Steve Leurquin

Now This Is Fun

29 03 2012

Recently I watched the movie Courageous with some great friends. This is a must see for every person who is a man, knows a man, or who has every seen a man (Yes Everyone!). There are many great lessons taught about family, faith, friendship, fun, in a movie that stretches you and encourages becoming a better man/father.

This film will make you laugh, cry, and search your soul. Several scenes in Courageous show men living their lives to the fullest in the 8F’s. When I watch the attached clip with my family we can’t help but have gut busting laughs as we feed off each other’s giggles and replay the seen through our own eyes. These men know how to have fun. Go grab your family, have some fun and enjoy a laugh. Better yet, go get the movie and watch it with them and some friends.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin


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