14 03 2014

Last week I did a write up on the book PAilS and how much it has impacted my life. I thought I would do a follow-up with a review from the top LIFE Leadership mind and best-selling author Orrin Woodward.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

Chris Brady Releases New Book: PAiLS

Chris Brady released his new book PAiLS at the LIFE Leadership Major Functions and it is already receiving rave reviews. Here is the Foreword I wrote for this powerful book helping one develop his game plan for the game of life.


Orrin Woodward

Chris Brady: PAiLS

Chris Brady: PAiLS

When NY Times bestselling author and speaker Chris Brady notified me that he was sending a hardcopy of his latest book to me, I was intrigued.  For any time I read his works I find my mind expanded, my heart encouraged, and my resolve strengthened.  Although I have partnered with Chris for nearly twenty years, I still find myself marveling at Chris’s ability to communicate truth in a disarming fashion.  Further, he somehow does this while making everyone laugh hysterically.  Seriously, the only thing more fun than reading a Chris Brady book is having the privilege of sitting in the front row when he is speaking.

In any event, when I received the book, I devoured it in a matter of hours.  Thankfully, for me, no one was home, since there were several times when Chris brought me to tears – several times with his humor and other points with his poignancy.  If the reader has read Chris’s critically acclaimed book A Month of Italy, then he can relate to what I am saying.  Nonetheless, this book breaks new ground for the author as it addresses an important issue for today’s youth (and people of all ages, for that matter), namely, what is the best way to pursue one’s life goals and dreams?

In answering that question, Chris develops a framework for life and happiness that is both innovative and compelling.  In fact, Chris’s four-layer Ziggurat has become the basis for mentoring my own teenagers as they prepare for their journeys through life.  Starting with Preparatory Experiences and a Pragmatic Occupation, Chris then explains how these two layers can then be the foundation for chasing one’s Passionate Pursuit, culminating in fulfilling one’s Purposeful Calling. They say genius is the ability to make the complex seem simple.  Accordingly, the first chapter alone qualifies Chris for Mensa membership as he simplified one’s life into four layers that build upon one another.  Such insight is priceless.

Taking this information, I quickly reviewed in my mind the many people I have modeled, mentored, and studied to confirm the truthfulness of the life’s Ziggurat.  Every successful person utilizes the principles in this book whether they realize it or not.  Fortunately, with the writing of this book, Chris has provided the next-generation with a revolutionary approach to living that breaks down the half-truths and outright fallacies that hold people back from achieving their purpose in life.

Finally, when taking any advice in life, it is important to identify whether the person has “fruit on the tree” in the area he proposes to teach.  Having known Chris Brady since both of us were eighteen-year-old college kids, I have been blessed to watch Chris Brady build his life Ziggurat.  From his preparatory experiences in motor-cross racing to his pragmatic career as an engineer, Chris laid the foundation necessary to pursue his passion.  Indeed, after eight to ten hour workdays, Chris progressively developed mastery in the fields of writing, speaking, and leading.

After five years of toiling in anonymity, Chris broke into the mainstream with a string of bestselling books (having sold over a million copies in seven languages) and speaking engagements around the world in front of tens-of-thousands of people.  Moreover, he has supported numerous charitable works through his board position in All Grace Outreach Ministries.  In addition, Chris, and his lovely wife Terri Brady are nurturing parents to four entrepreneurially minded children.  To wrap up, I believe the best teachers model before they message, and Chris Brady’s life has authentically modeled the message he illuminates here.

Orrin Woodward

New York Times bestselling author

Founder of LIFE Leadership

Regrets of the Dying

4 03 2014

I was recently reading a book by Best-Selling Author Chris Brady titled PAiLS: Twenty Years from Now, What Will You Wish PAiLS Cover (2) (130x200)You Had Done Today? It is an amazing read with many soul searching questions for everyone to ask themselves as they go through life wondering, why am I here?

From the beginning you are attracted to this amazing read. On the first page of the introduction, Brady references a woman who worked with the dying for many years and authored an article sharing “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”. I took a look and honestly questioned myself on these five regrets. It led me to write a message to a friend that I respect very much, in hopes of refreshing what was once an awesome relationship.

I hope the following five regrets inspire you to Live The Life You Have Always Wanted as well.

Steve Leurquin

Top Five Regrets of the Dying:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish I had let myself be happier.

Team Is Coming To Milwaukee

21 07 2012

There is less than one week to go before the summer leadership convention for Team Life and things are being put in place for never before seen growth. The founders of Life Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, and Dan Hawkins, will be in the house along with special guest speakers Oliver DeMille speaking on freedom and Mark Macdonald talking on fitness.

As we approach the kickoff Friday night I am shaking with excitement as I learn more about what will be laid out. I heard a Life Founder this past week say we are going to help a new person start their own business as cost effective as possible! (Unless you own a smart car, it’s a tank of gas!) With the first of the two conventions taking place as this writing is happening, I want to know what you are most looking forward to coming out of Milwaukee?! I look forward to seeing you all and I am excited for a group of people that are about to make a difference not only in their own lives but the world.

Steve Leurquin

Mental Fitness Challenge In Your Life

16 05 2012

In April the Founders of LIFE launched the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) as a way for people to grow mentally, setting goals growing in a step-by-step toward the life they always wanted to live. In my three plus decades on this earth I have found that those that are most successful are the ones who set goals and challenge themselves to get better on their quest to hitting those goals. The MFC is designed to give people a roadmap to plan a course for those things they always wanted to achieve in their life but maybe started to think impossible.

These LIFE Founders are the best guys to design a program for improving oneself mentally because they have practiced this idea for years before putting this concept out there for others to follow. Here are a few of there examples:

Cluade Hamilton tells the story of how he used mental toughness to stay the course in a very difficult Navy dive school.

Orrin Woodward has many examples of this toughness but the one that sticks out in my head is the process he used for expanding his lungs to stay under water long enough to break a buddy’s underwater swim record.

Chris Brady admits he was outgunned as compared to his classmates while going to college. He developed a system of disciplined study that allowed him to compete with his classmates.

Tim Marks‘s work ethic and discipline helped him go from extreme debt to a seven figure income in thirty-one months.

These are just a few of the stories from the leaders that make up the company that is going to go to one million people and beyond. These guys are also leading many couples mentoring them to challenge themselves mentally to grow in pursuit of reaching there goals and dreams.

So how about you? What are some things that you have done or are doing to challenge yourself to become a better you? Nothing teaches better than a story so let’s hear yours!

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

What’s The Scoop?

25 04 2012

Stealing an idea from best selling author and Top 30 Leadership Guru Chris Brady’s material I have decided to have a caption contest of my own. The only difference is that Chris gives out stuff to the winner for his contest and I give out nothing! Maybe an atta boy (girl)  and some props to people who can come up with some creative ideas.

Heres the scoop. Send me a reply as to a what you think is happening in the picture and I will post your response for all of us to get a good laugh. Have fun and enjoy!

Steve Leurquin

I’m Stealing Again!

12 03 2012

I confess, it seems like all I am doing lately is stealing! I see something I like and I just can’t help but take it. I recently stole an old Chris Brady post on dreaming, then I stole a leadership blog post from Orrin Woodward on having fun, now I’m going to steal a Chuck Cullen post on Perseverance. 

With many great leaders in LIFE-Team it is easy to find so much material that one can use to better themselves and keep moving forward for a better life.

Chuck Cullen writes of a young man who got to where he is by becoming an “overnight success” through years and years of hard work. The difference between him and most people who work hard is when he was dealt a bad hand he made the decision to persist.

Enjoy the Article, Steve Leurquin


Oh the Lin-sanity!!!

For all of you that are following the amazing story of Jeremy Lin…the current point guard phenom for the New York Knicks…here are some facts.  Hopefully, after you read through this you’ll understand that there is no such thing as an overnight success…

High School career-

-Led his High School team to a 32-1 record his senior year and won the State Championship in California

-First team All-State selection

-Northern California Player of the Year in 2006

RESULT = Minimal college interest and NO SCHOLARSHIP!

What did he do?  PERSIST!!

College Career-

-Walk-on player at Harvard

-Sophomore year – starting guard and selected All-Ivy League second team.

-Junior year- All-Ivy League FIRST TEAM selection

-Led his teams to wins over 17th ranked Boston College and #1 ranked North Carolina

-Senior year- averaged 16.4 pts./ 4.4 rebounds/ 4.5 assists/ 2.4 steals/ 1.1 blocked shots

-Finalist for the John Wooden award and Bob Cousy award

-ESPN’s 12 most versatile players in College basketball

-First player in Ivy League history to finish his career with at least 1450 pts./ 450 rebounds/ 400 assists/ 200 steals

– Graduated with a degree in Economics in 2010

RESULT = 2010 Draft UNDRAFTED…minimal interest from pro teams

What did he do?  PERSIST!

NBA Career –

-8 teams allowed him to come to pre-draft workouts

-Dallas Mavericks let him play in the summer league with the team

-Signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Golden State Warriors following summer league play

-On roster for first game, but listed as “inactive”

-3 times demoted to Warriors D-League affiliate Reno Bighorns

-His Warriors coach said he kept him in the D-League because “he’s a minimum, inexpensive asset.  You need to look at him as developing…is he going to be a Superstar? NO!”

-Jeremy’s response – “part of being on a team is putting your ego aside…”

-December 9, 2011- waived on the first day of training camp (60 days away from $800,000 guaranteed contract)

-Claimed off waivers by the Houston Rockets – waived before start of season.

-January 17th, 2013 – claimed off waivers by the New York Knicks and immediately sent to the D-League Erie Bay Hawks.

-January 20th, 2012 – Due to injuries to Knicks starters, Lin is brought in to a starting lineup in his first NBA game.

RESULT = 25pts./5 rebounds/ 7 assists and a win over the New Jersey Nets

Second NBA game = 28pts./ 8 assists and a win over the Utah Jazz

Third NBA game = 38pts./ 7 assists and a win over the L.A. Lakers outscoring All-Star Kobe Bryant by 4 pts.

Fourth NBA game = 20 pts./ 8 assists and a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves

Fith NBA game = 27 pts./ 11 assists and a game winning 3-point shot against the Toronto Raptors!!

-Currently has scored more points in his first 5 NBA starts than ANY player in NBA history since the merger…just AHEAD of Shaquille O’neil!

Here is what Kobe Bryant had to say about Lin after the Knicks beat the Lakers and Lin had a career high 38 pts…”When a player is playing that well, he doesn’t just come out of nowhere…it just seems like it. Go back and take a look at where he’s been…”

Here’s the deal…Jeremy Lin is no overnight success.  He is a talented, tenacious, hard-working professional basketball player that was overlooked because of his size, and over-all athletic ability.  Nobody knew the size of his heart nor understood his mastery of the game.  Because he never gave up, and he continued to  work hard and prepare, he was ready when his opportunity came.  PERSIST!!

Click here to watch Lin’s last second game winning 3-point shot against the Toronto Raptors…

It’s Never Too Late

27 02 2012
About a year ago I first saw this video at a Team LIfE Leadership Convention. Something must have gotten in my eyes because they began to leak as I watched the powerful message. It made such an impact on me that I showed the video to as many people as I could on Chris Brady’s Leadership Blog and wouldn’t you know it, the video had a similar affect. Very powerful!

Enjoy and remember, it is never to late to dream! Steve Leurquin


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