Attributes of Great Achievers

20 08 2012

Why do some people born with average ability achieve greatness while others with much more talent never reach the full God-given potential inside them? Author Cameron C. Taylor in 8 Attributes of Great Achievers studied hundreds of great achievers throughout history and found that these achievers were not born, they are developed. Each achiever worked to develop themselves in 8 attributes to becoming a great achiever. The attributes are:

Attribute 1: Responsible,

Attribute 2: Creator,

Attribute 3: Independent,

Attribute 4: Humble,

Attribute 5: Honest,

Attribute 6: Optimistic,

Attribute 7: Vision,

Attribute 8: Persistent.

Taylor gives examples throughout history of people who have lived these attributes telling their story of why they are remembered. I have decided to tell you about 8 people/couples who may not be as well-known but still have lived these principles to the fullest.

Attribute 1 : ResponsibleDan and Lisa Hawkins. Taking Responsibility for not only their own success but showing countless others that if you obey the laws of success over time you increase your freedom by increasing the number of choices you have. From auto mechanic/day care provider to independently community leader of thousands, in a world where it is common to pass the buck, this couple has excepted they are responsible to show people how to live the life the always wanted.

Attribute 2: CreatorGary and Erika Severson. A creator looks for ways to add value. Gary and Erika Severson always look for ways to add value by lifting people up through edification. They are leaders of people and great achievers because when people are around them they feel better in their presence.

Attribute 3: IndependentRichard and Jammie Fisher. I have had first hand experience watching this couple in the time of crises and uncertainty, do the right thing. An independent thinker despite being mocked will think idependently and take initiative to always do the right thing.

Attribute 4: HumbleCorey & Amy Clark. Being a servant leader means helping a community have success while giving the credit away. This couple has quietly established themselves as leaders of large communities because they never stop learning to grow themselves, in-turn, that growth drives people to want to be part of them as leaders.

Attribute 5: HonestJohn & Penny Graff. Throughout the years I have seen John and Penny exhibit integrity. When push came to shove the Graffs turned down security for the face of the unknown because it was the right thing to do. In times where doing what is right is not always rewarded right away, John and Penny have shown that people of integrity expect to be believed, and when they are not, they let time prove them right.

Attribute 6: OptimisticGeorge and Jill Guzzardo. Always an uplifter, George Guzzardo leads thousands of people because people want to around him for the value in them he creates. When adversity strikes one can choose to make excuses or find solutions. George Guzzardo has never been one to dwell in victum mentality, rather focusing on finding the silver lining.

Attribute 7: VisionOrrin and Laurie Woodward. How does one go from broke, relationship-poor engineer to leadership guru creating a path for tens of thousands to change the world by affectively changing themselves? Vison! Thank you Orrin Woodward for having the vision to believe that one person can change the world!

Attribute 8: PersistentSteve and Kelli Sager. From meager beginnings to an adult life of debt, excepting that they would probably have to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of their lives. Steve and Kelli have proven that those who stay will be champions! Many admire the leadership of this couple because they have proven that they can take a gut shot and remain standing.

As we examine the attributes of achievers in our Life, I hope you have some that you can say have them. We all would love to hear about them and learn from their example.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin


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