What Would You Do?

30 01 2012

Many times I think about people in situations that required them to make a tough choice to do the right thing and I wonder would I have the courage to do the same? Imagine you are fighting for a championship with a rival team. With your fans and teammates watching, your decision costs you the game and eventually the championship. That’s just the decision Mallory Holtman from Central Washington made.

If Mallory had done nothing she would not have been in the wrong. In fact, not a person watching would have thought a bad thought about her or anyone on her team. It’s said that character is not doing what is wrong and integrity is doing what is right. Watch Mallory and her teammate Liz do both in this amazing video.


“It’s a great moment when someone has character (and integrity) to step up and do the right thing at the right time”  -Pam Knox


Had Mallory not made the decision to do what she did maybe her team would have won the championship, maybe not. The trophy they might have won would be put in a trophy case, eventually pushed to the back in place of newer trophies. In time it would be moved to a closet with only the memory of it by the few people on the team.

This I know for sure. Her decision to have character and integrity to do  the right thing will have an impact for much longer and on many more people had she not done it. In fact her decision will have a positive ripple affect on people she will never meet.

Everyday, people have the chance to make a difference like Mallory. Their decision will never be put in lights or highlighted on a famous TV show, but they do it anyway. For the difference makers in this world, thank you for your example.

Enjoy the Journey,

Steve Leurquin




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