What Would You Do?

30 01 2012

Many times I think about people in situations that required them to make a tough choice to do the right thing and I wonder would I have the courage to do the same? Imagine you are fighting for a championship with a rival team. With your fans and teammates watching, your decision costs you the game and eventually the championship. That’s just the decision Mallory Holtman from Central Washington made.

If Mallory had done nothing she would not have been in the wrong. In fact, not a person watching would have thought a bad thought about her or anyone on her team. It’s said that character is not doing what is wrong and integrity is doing what is right. Watch Mallory and her teammate Liz do both in this amazing video.


“It’s a great moment when someone has character (and integrity) to step up and do the right thing at the right time”  -Pam Knox


Had Mallory not made the decision to do what she did maybe her team would have won the championship, maybe not. The trophy they might have won would be put in a trophy case, eventually pushed to the back in place of newer trophies. In time it would be moved to a closet with only the memory of it by the few people on the team.

This I know for sure. Her decision to have character and integrity to do  the right thing will have an impact for much longer and on many more people had she not done it. In fact her decision will have a positive ripple affect on people she will never meet.

Everyday, people have the chance to make a difference like Mallory. Their decision will never be put in lights or highlighted on a famous TV show, but they do it anyway. For the difference makers in this world, thank you for your example.

Enjoy the Journey,

Steve Leurquin



Raising Girls in LIFE

23 01 2012

Jamie is an awesome mother, wife, and leading lady of a large leadership community. I am so proud of her strength and courage raising two daughters the way God meant her to. The positive difference she is making in this world will last generations.  Enjoy, Steve Leurquin


Being a mother with two of my three kids being girls, I know all too well the struggles that girls face as they are growing up. My girls are 9 and 4 so they are not too deep into any drama, but my personal experiences have created a desire to prepare not only my daughters but myself for the struggles they will encounter.

Where does one go for such instruction as to how to successfully raise children? I decided to delve into some books from people who have had the experience and success with raising girls. My mentor, Lisa Hawkins has 3 girls and is well versed in the area of raising girls. By looking at the behavior of her girls, I know she is doing the right things! She has a daughter one year older than my oldest so she can stay one step ahead and guide me. She can also recommend books that have helped her, which limit my trial and error of finding the right books. Through the books that are recommended to me, I have been guided into understanding more what is happening in our culture and what our children are up against.

I must say after reading through some mind opening books, I am even more disgusted and angry at our media who messes with the minds of our beautiful children. With the continued exposure of what the media says is “beautiful”, more and more girls are focused on body image and falling victim to eating disorders. A less than appropriate clothing attire is available to kids, consisting of tight fitting low cut shirts, thong underwear and jeans that are cut low to expose the item worn underneath. Available for our children 7 and up!

Why allow the media to determine the values my children should have? Who are they to impose ideas and thoughts into our families heads that stop any natural thinking to occur? Instead of competing with the media, Steve and I decided our children will not grow up with TV, magazines, or negative “pop” music that would give them the values and beliefs we oppose.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the LIFE community that does not base any opinions on a person by outward appearance, but on the heart of a person. Whatever flaws a person has on the outside can be covered up by the beauty they hold within, but if a person has character flaws, outward beauty can not disguise it. The information available to our family through LIFE has been a tremendous source of education for my children’s development. Not only does it start the thinking process, but the focus is on creating a better you. My children have a strong, growing understanding of themselves and others. I am excited they have a love for learning and know their personal growth in all areas will escalate, assisting them in being a success in life.

A few of the books I read and recommend that focuses on raising girls:

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter, Vicki Courtney

Raising a Modern Day Princess, Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna

Bringing Up Girls, Dr. James Dobson



Jamie Leurquin

Borrowing From The Best

17 01 2012

A few years ago I taught with a guy who was the best teacher I had ever come across. I asked him what made him so good and his response floored me, “Find out what other good teachers do and steal their stuff.” Speaking tongue and cheek the guy who was most respected for his effective teaching methods, work ethic, and relatability was very quick to give the credit away.

Leadership is the same thing, find out what others are doing well, learn from them, and implement their stuff. I put together a list of men and women in leadership development that I respect. I look to their leadership blogs often for a way to “sharpen the saw” so to speak, making my LIFE journey in the 8F’s run a little more smooth.

Enjoy their these great leadership blogs, but do me a favor, please come back to my site once in awhile:)

Steve Leurquin

Blog Name and occupational background
Birtles, Kirk & Cassie (Physical Therapist)  
Blomdahl, Eric & Jennifer (Civil Engineer)
Brady, Chris & Terri (Best Selling Author, Leadership Guru)
Cullen, Chuck & Nancy (Teacher)
Darkangelo, Joe & Laura (Business Owner)
Frey, Dean & Teresa
Guzzardo, George & Jill (Physical Therapist)
Haas, Mark & Rita (Self-Employed Business Owner)
Hamilton, Claude & Lana (Military Career)
Hawkins, Dan (Automotive Technician)
Huber, Mark & Anna (Engineer)
Johnson, Greg & Lin (International Business Owner)
Lewis, Bill & Jackie (Engineer)
Marks, Tim & Amy (Engineer)
Martin, Jim & Dolores (Plumber)
Mattis, Chris & Danae (Nursing)
Mielke, Matthew & Michelle (Pharmacist)
Militello, Marc & Kristine (Teacher)
Morgan, Steve & Beth (Construction)
Oettinger, Renee (Nurse Practicioner)
Powers, Brian & Sherry (Firefighter – DNR)
Radosa, Aron & Mary (Physical Therapy)
Rasmussen, Bob & Tina (Construction)
Smith, Denny & Donna (Military) 
Spiewak, Holger & Lindsey (Engineering)
Woodward, Orrin & Laurie (Best Selling Author, Top Leadership Guru)

Fun In The Sun

12 01 2012

76 Footer!

This past New Years Jamie and I went to Florida with great friends to spend some time with LIFE Founders Dan and Lisa Hawkins and Orrin and Laurie Woodward. With temperatures reaching up into the 80’s we spent time jet skiing, going to the beach, and taking a ride on Woodward’s 76-foot yacht.

Good looking couple jet skiing!

Richard and Jammie

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Jamie and I would be friends with couples as influential as these two couples. From meager beginnings both have used leadership principles to launch a company that is already getting world wide recognition for its accomplishments. I should have dreamed bigger because for the past two Christmas Holidays a couple with teaching backgrounds are living a lifestyle never available had we remained in the teaching field. Do you want to know the best part? The people who went with us that you see in the pictures are from all walks of life. Engineers, factory workers, construction workers, police officers, stay at home moms and because of their decision to step out from crowd and lead, their lives are being changed forever!

Nick, Jess, Mike, Emily Tony, Jamie, Steve

Dave, Jamie, Steve, Orrin, John, Penny, Judy

What I love about the smiling faces that you see in these pictures is their huge hearts for helping people. In a time when most everyone seems to think the economy is tanking, this group has found an industry this is and always will explode. With that, do you know what all of these people talked about when we chatted with them? They talked about the people they are going to help and the difference they are going to make in this world with the blessing they have been given!

My family and I sure am blessed to be associated with such a great group of people.

Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin

Gary and Erika

Steve, Jamie, Kelli, Steve back of Yacht

A Mentor In The Game of LIFE

5 01 2012

Someone asked me the other day what makes a good mentor, to which I responded …. um, uh,…. It caught me so off guard and embarrassed that I didn’t have a good answer I got to thinking about it, what does make a good mentor?

I found a best selling book titled Launching a Leadership Revolution and it has a whole leadership chapter on mentorship giving 21 qualities of a good mentor. A mentor:

*Sets the example                               *Asks questions

*Builds relationships                          *Affirms

*Builds belief                                      *Builds the dream

*Kills the fear                                     *Gives confidence

*Promotes activity                              *Reframes challenges

*Instructs through struggles              *Encourages

*Spreads Enthusiasm                         *Teaches the philosophy

*Imparts his thinking                         *Course corrects/confronts

*Teaches taking responsibility           *Holds accountability

*Challenges                                         *Teaches life balance

*Teaches heart change

When someone can find a true mentor in life it can be a powerful tool in growing toward their life vision and purpose. I am thankful through the LIFE Industry to have a mentor that I trust to help me in all 21 areas listed above.

In my love of movies I began thinking of a top film that portrayed mentorship covering all mentor/mente qualities Orrin Woodward highlighted in his book. Rocky/Mickey in Rocky, Mr. Miyagi/Daniel in Karate Kid both pretty good ones. The one movie that I think shows the best example of mentorship is The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Throughout the movie Will Smith is a great mentor to Junior. I believe this short clip shows an example of hitting all 21 qualities.

“Play the game, your game, the one that only you was meant to play. The one that was given to you when you come into this world”

Like a great mentor, in the movie Will Smith is very vocal/visual when Junior needed him, and at the touching end walking away, no longer needed, as the mente enjoys the victory he rightfully earned. Mentorship is a gift to give and when given properly, it can have the ripple affect to last generations.

Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin

What Does It Take To Be #1?

1 01 2012

What do Rocky, Rudy, 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, and Orrin Woodward all have in common? They were all huge underdogs, but with enormous dreams, heart, and courage, were able to become champions.

Check out this latest post by Chris Brady! In an age when the hero seems to have become a mythical creature we have a couple that dares to dream, pay the price with the struggle, and for that, achieve the first of many victories. How refreshing!

Enjoy the journey!  Steve Leurquin


Orrin Woodward Wins IAB Top Spot

Orrin Woodward Wins First Place

The Internet Age is a peculiar one in which the small can make themselves appear big.  In a world now ablaze with information, we are bombarded by companies and individuals who present themselves as being something more than their actual substance. We also witness the obscure, bizarre, disgruntled, unprincipled, and undisciplined having access to a voice louder than merit would bestow.

For the rest of the article go to chrisbradylife.com




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