What Are You Telling Yourself?

10 11 2014

The story you tell yourself is the most important book you will ever read! For every goal/Dream we want to achieve, there will be 1,000 obstacles that scream in your face, “It’s not worth it!”  We live in a world where so many people do not pursue their passions resulting in mid-life crises and regret when it’s too late because of fear and comfort of the status quo.

If only we could reframe our thinking to know that anything that is worth it will be difficult. Ask any team that wins a championship if all the work was worth it? Ask the mom who birthed her child for 20 hours if the pain was worth it? Ask the teacher who leads a student down the right path through their mentorship, if the 5 years of college and long days were worth it?

The question is, what dream will be worth it in your life that will cause some discomfort now? So many times people give up when they are on the verge of greatness because the story they tell themselves leads them back to comfort and ease.  I encourage you, keep pushing forward because you have greatness inside you and I can’t wait for the world to see it!

With that, here is a video of the story I am telling myself. After watching this tell me this team doesn’t think they can win every game they play. I encourage you, as you are watching, change a few words and when that negative voice creeps into your brain, blast it with the right story.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

Leadership Book Poll

12 06 2014

Disciplined Vs Undisciplined

19 11 2013

Every man has 24 hours in his day. So what makes one squeeze every ounce of productivity in the 1,440 minutes while one man can Happinessnot seem to get enough done?  I recently read a book by Shawn Achor called Happiness Advantage where he lays out a principle called the 20 second rule that I believe answers this question.

This is not some theory about how long your food can lay on the ground before you can safely eat it. Shawn talks about how people who are successful systematically set up their lives to make success come easier. It’s not about will power because our will power can last only so long before we crack and go back to the easier path of resistance. He states if we make small adjustments we can “reroute” ourselves to doing the habits we know we should do to achieve greatness.

Hogwash you say! Let me tell you a real life example of how I applied this. I listen to at least three audio recordings a day from successful people to enhance my success in life. Recently my wife and I moved and I could not figure out why I was only getting in about 1 to 2 cd’s per day. What I found was that my habit of success was altered in my new setting thus taking me longer than 20 seconds to do what I new I should do for success but I wouldn’t because it was no longer just habit. I had to look at my new surroundings at set up this habit so every morning it took little thought and less than 20 seconds to start this principle of success. I set up a new pattern for myself and am now achieving back to and beyond the level I was previously doing.

Let’s take a more difficult example. We all now we should exercise, but how many of us do it? Why? Because when we wake up in the morning an hour early, the covers are much more appealing than sweating. When we wake up and start thinking about getting our clothes on and finding our shoes, if it takes longer than twenty seconds we have already lost and guilt will be with us the rest of the day.

The solution? Take the path of least resistance. If you truly want to make this a habit. Wear your exercise clothes to bed and put your shoes next to you on the floor. When the alarm goes off and you barely have to put thought into what you are doing your halfway out the door! Do this for 21 days and you have created a new success habit.

Try it! Try a small change that you have been hoping to make and see how it works. Nothing breeds success like success and you will be on to tackling bigger areas of your life. Steve Leurquin



June Life Seminars

10 06 2013

This past weekend Jamie and I were in Fort Wayne, Indiana speaking to life-wlc2012great leaders that are taking steps toward their dreams and leaving a legacy for their family and country. We have spoke throughout North America and we are always impressed with the high level of people from many different backgrounds who make up the Life Community!

There are many Life Seminars that occurred this past weekend throughout North America with countless seminars taking place through the internet in remote locations.  In my homestate of Wisconsin, I was getting message after message of how great Chris and Danae Mattis did teaching the skills needed to be successful in many areas of their life.

If you attending a Life Seminar this past weekend what was the biggest thing you took from it? Leave a comment and let everyone know the great things that are happening when this great group of people get together!

Steve Leurquin


Training Your Life For Success

29 01 2013

On becoming a leaderAll great leaders overcome. Many have to overcome financial hardship either being born into poverty or the financial risk it takes to get ahead. Others have to overcome circumstances of overcoming physical limitations or being born into cultures that do not naturally nurture the gifts they were born with. Warren Bennis explains in his book On Becoming A Leader, all will have to overcome obstacles but the toughest obstacle to overcome is oneself.

Bennis stresses the importance of knowing oneself to overcome any obstacle. The bad news is that we all struggle with self-imposed limitations that stem from our thinking. The good news is all of those limitations can be defeated by reframing our thinking in a constant search of knowing ourself.

All of the leaders I talked with agreed that no one can teach you how to become yourself, to take charge, to express yourself, except you.” 

I have read many books about great leaders, past and present, with a common theme, all of them struggled throughout their journey with their own negative thinking. I recently read books about a national championship coach and a super bowl winning quarterback and do you know what both of them struggled with? Their own bad thinking. Now if leaders at that level with that much success struggle with themselves how do you think your friend is doing? How about yourself?

Author Bennis explains there are four ways to develop your self-knowledge in-turn destroying your self doubt.

1. Know that you are your best teacher - Learning is intimately connected to self and the only way to learn is to get out there and do thus learning the lesson through self-evaluation.

2. Accept responsibility – Blame no one.

3. You can learn anything you want to learn.

4. True understanding comes from reflecting on your experience – Having a conversation with yourself at asking good questions at the appropriate time to come to truth about you and your life.

Leadership is a tough game only because the four things above are so easy to do, but they are even easier not to do. When one begins to do the easy over the easier their leadership journey has begun.

Steve Leurquin

Battle of The Mind

19 12 2012

The state of Wisconsin has the honor of having one of the top leaders in the leadership industry teach in our own back yard this January. As a successful physical therapist, Kirk Birtles used the principles he now teaches to gain freedom in his time and finances. He is also well sought after for his humorous speaking style teaching the success principles he lives everyday in his relationships.

I provided a post from Kirk Birtles‘ blog to give everyone a small Scooby Snack of what they have a chance to learn next month.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

fight photoOne of the biggest success principles I have learned from being involved with Orrin Woodward and the Life business is, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.  Being a tough, thought-reframing, pain-ignoring, conflict-resolving, overcoming and problem-solving man or woman is a big part of what it is all about to be a true success.  As you probably noticed, the saying is not ‘if’ it gets tough, its ‘when’ it gets tough.  We will all face obstacles, challenges on our success journey.  The question is will we be ready to face these mini-golliaths as they come up on the road to success. We have all heard the old cliche statements like, ‘success is always on the other side of inconvenience’, ‘dream, struggle, victory’, and ‘The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory’, etc….  The more I dig into leadership and success, the more I am convinced that all these cornball statements are absolutely true!  God has equipped us all with abilities way beyond what we currently believe.  Let’s have the faith and trust in this to be tough and see it through.

As I am sitting here in my office thinking of what to write next, I look around at my bookshelves chocked-full of biographies of the most successful & tough people that have ever lived.  People like Winston Churchill, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Shackleton, Sam Walton, Tom Monaghan, Jackie Chan, Chuck Yeager, Jay Leno, Jim Elliot, Vince Lombardi, Cal Ripken, the apostle Paul, Theodore Roosevelt, and countless others.  People who are or have been the best in the world at their respective craft, but at the same time have proven to be about as tough as you can get.  There is a definite correlation between ‘success’ and ‘toughness’.  In other words, if you want to have more success and move on in life, it’s time to TOUGHEN UP!

Here are 5 ‘Toughness’ life categories and some tips and resources to help you toughen up:

For the rest of the article, click the following link: 


Attributes of Great Achievers

20 08 2012

Why do some people born with average ability achieve greatness while others with much more talent never reach the full God-given potential inside them? Author Cameron C. Taylor in 8 Attributes of Great Achievers studied hundreds of great achievers throughout history and found that these achievers were not born, they are developed. Each achiever worked to develop themselves in 8 attributes to becoming a great achiever. The attributes are:

Attribute 1: Responsible,

Attribute 2: Creator,

Attribute 3: Independent,

Attribute 4: Humble,

Attribute 5: Honest,

Attribute 6: Optimistic,

Attribute 7: Vision,

Attribute 8: Persistent.

Taylor gives examples throughout history of people who have lived these attributes telling their story of why they are remembered. I have decided to tell you about 8 people/couples who may not be as well-known but still have lived these principles to the fullest.

Attribute 1 : ResponsibleDan and Lisa Hawkins. Taking Responsibility for not only their own success but showing countless others that if you obey the laws of success over time you increase your freedom by increasing the number of choices you have. From auto mechanic/day care provider to independently community leader of thousands, in a world where it is common to pass the buck, this couple has excepted they are responsible to show people how to live the life the always wanted.

Attribute 2: CreatorGary and Erika Severson. A creator looks for ways to add value. Gary and Erika Severson always look for ways to add value by lifting people up through edification. They are leaders of people and great achievers because when people are around them they feel better in their presence.

Attribute 3: IndependentRichard and Jammie Fisher. I have had first hand experience watching this couple in the time of crises and uncertainty, do the right thing. An independent thinker despite being mocked will think idependently and take initiative to always do the right thing.

Attribute 4: HumbleCorey & Amy Clark. Being a servant leader means helping a community have success while giving the credit away. This couple has quietly established themselves as leaders of large communities because they never stop learning to grow themselves, in-turn, that growth drives people to want to be part of them as leaders.

Attribute 5: HonestJohn & Penny Graff. Throughout the years I have seen John and Penny exhibit integrity. When push came to shove the Graffs turned down security for the face of the unknown because it was the right thing to do. In times where doing what is right is not always rewarded right away, John and Penny have shown that people of integrity expect to be believed, and when they are not, they let time prove them right.

Attribute 6: OptimisticGeorge and Jill Guzzardo. Always an uplifter, George Guzzardo leads thousands of people because people want to around him for the value in them he creates. When adversity strikes one can choose to make excuses or find solutions. George Guzzardo has never been one to dwell in victum mentality, rather focusing on finding the silver lining.

Attribute 7: VisionOrrin and Laurie Woodward. How does one go from broke, relationship-poor engineer to leadership guru creating a path for tens of thousands to change the world by affectively changing themselves? Vison! Thank you Orrin Woodward for having the vision to believe that one person can change the world!

Attribute 8: PersistentSteve and Kelli Sager. From meager beginnings to an adult life of debt, excepting that they would probably have to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of their lives. Steve and Kelli have proven that those who stay will be champions! Many admire the leadership of this couple because they have proven that they can take a gut shot and remain standing.

As we examine the attributes of achievers in our Life, I hope you have some that you can say have them. We all would love to hear about them and learn from their example.

Enjoy, Steve Leurquin


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